On editing techniques

This was one of the last photos I took before I broke both my wrists in December. (Since then my SLR has been deemed too heavy to lift by the medical types.) I don’t like to spend much time editing pictures and like to leave things looking as natural as possible. HDR is one of my pet hates. I shoot JPEG because RAW seems like too much hard work.

However, despite me thinking pictures look great in my viewfinder or on my screen, this is not the case when they’re posted online. Whatever the internet flattening monkeys do, they manage to make the loveliest of colours and contrasts look dull and boring. So I’ve (somewhat reluctantly) embraced editing. Sometime I’ll just adjust a few levels in iPhoto and straighten the odd horizon, but usually I’ll pull a few pictures into Photoshop and adjust levels, colour balance and curves.

One of the best tutorials I’ve worked with is the lovely Erin Cobb’s Clean Color, which I’ve been studying on and off over the last few months. I’ve been jealously admiring Erin’s crisp, clean pictures for a few years so was interested in seeing her editing process.

Other resources I love are DPS and Flickr. I’m sure I’m ignorant of many other fantastic websites so if you’d like to clue me in, please let me know below!

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2 thoughts on “On editing techniques

  1. Hey, yer man at chromasia.com is really good as well. You do have to subscribe but his tutorials are great.

  2. Oohh thanks for that! Will nerd up over the next few weeks šŸ˜€

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