The very beginning

I’m starting off this blog with pictures from one of my favourite cameras, the Diana Mini. I love that it’s small enough to bring anywhere, that it always draws questions and smiles from those that see it and that it packs a lot of punch for such a tiny lump of plastic.

I have one small problem with film cameras though: I’m a cheapskate when it comes to taking shots in comparison to when I shoot with digital! The same film sits in my camera for months before I finish a roll. I’m always afraid when handing it over to be processed that something will go wrong and the pictures will be lost forever, or that I’ll remember shots better than they turn out to be.

But for the most part I’m usually happy, and there’s often a surprise or two that I’ve forgotten about!

I downloaded the basis for this template from Gingerpixel and messed around with the format a little. My PS knowledge doesn’t stretch as far as making roundy corners yet!

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2 thoughts on “The very beginning

  1. Great shots & assembly — love the largest one especially — looks vaguely as if it was taken at one of the Vertical Rhythm events?

  2. Thanks! Large one was taken at my sister’s musical society’s production of Mack and Mabel, I accidentally double-exposed it but liked the outcome!

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