Feisty family females

There is a history of feisty women in our family.

My father’s greatgrandfather married late in the mid-1800’s, to a woman who was about 43 years his junior. She moved from the town out to a farm with no running water, no neighbours and no luxuries.To be fair, she may not have had any of these in her family home, but at least she had people. When Nicholas died Jane was left with a farm to run and children to raise. Her youngest Alice stayed on the farm until she died, unmarried with no children. Before Alice died she looked around her nephews and nieces and thought about who needed a farm most. And so my grandmother was called to the solicitor’s office for the reading of the will, and was told she had been left a house, a farm, a way of life. She and her husband moved their young family out from the middle of town to a farm with no luxuries, but at least with running water and neighbours.

Nobody has lived in the farmhouse since my grandmother died four years ago, but the house is being cleaned out, painted and spruced up this week, ready for the next occupants.

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One thought on “Feisty family females

  1. Lovely photo, esp colours and angles but the story behind it all is loverlier

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