Wrap me in bubblewrap and put me away

I seem to have some really bad karma around me at the moment, technology-wise. And health-wise too, but let’s not get into that. Technology-wise, the following items are playing up on me:

My Canon 650 film SLR (blanking out photos on the roll)

Diana Mini (the shutter is sticking open about a millimetre after every shot, which explains how this happened)

My external hard-drive, which I was using as an extra hard drive instead of backup as my laptop is too full. This isn’t so much playing up on me as is completely totally and irrevocably dead. I’d thankfully backed this up about a month ago, at least.

Between all this and the wrists, maybe I should just sit in a padded room for the next few months. Then again, if I’d done that I would have missed the tulips.

Now, who wants to give me a new Mini Diana?!

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