Picture postcard

As I’m still not lifting my camera, this one is from deep in the archives.

I have always loved snow. We usually got enough every year to make a decent snowman with when we were little. In fact, when I was putting together a photobook for my sister’s recent birthday I found years worth of ‘all the girls with their snowman’ pictures, all of us bundled up in hats, scarves, gloves and coats with flushed cheeks and wide smiles.

Obviously, recent events have dampened my love of snow, so to speak. Still, I’ll hope that it snows again this Christmas so it can make the world into a picture postcard. This time I’ll just make sure to wear ski boots, even if I look like a fool.

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2 thoughts on “Picture postcard

  1. You’ll look less of a fool standing & walking in ski boots than slipping & falling in normal shoes! Love this one, looks like a fabulous place to curl up in front of the fire after a snowball fight 🙂

  2. Suse B on said:

    I wish we could have gone in here, it was freezing! But we were just passing. At least my toes were warm in my ski boots 🙂

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