Hildreth Street Market

Okay, apologies that I haven’t been round here much in the last while. A few things have kept me busy, namely a steady stream of visitors at the weekends (yay!), a gas leak, a throat infection, a very persistant mouse who will not get in the traps no matter how many I put down.

Also, I started a patchwork course about a month ago. I’d never used a sewing machine before starting this course but now I’m happily whirring away, making a complete mess! My aim is to make a small quilt by Christmas. I will definitely get the camera out a bit more in the next few weeks though, and I’ll take some pictures of patchwork once I produce something that’s not cringeworthy.

I took the pictures above with my camera phone on Sunday. My local part of London has a street market once a month and has a fantastic array of organic vegetables, artisan breads and delicious desserts.

I used a template from the lovely Pugly Pixel for this post, she’s put together a very pretty series of templates available for fairly general use!

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One thought on “Hildreth Street Market

  1. Hi Susan Good to see another irish celt in Balham! You’ve got to go to new Farmers Market (good fish stall too) if you like Hildreth St Market. Like your photographs – great little collection of cameras you have there.

    psst. No 3. The mashed potatoes? The secret is a potato ricer! I don’t always bother to use one but when you do (and of course use a ‘dry’ potato like Maris Piper, Desiree or Kind Edwards – which is the best) you’ll get perfect mash! Easy

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