A sunny day in Richmond Park

The weather in London the last few days has been perfect. Cool, crisp and clear, I couldn’t wait to get outside yesterday morning. Being very much a country girl I’m missing outdoor space a lot. Richmond Park is a lot like Phoenix Park, it has a lot of wide open grassland and has deer (somewhere), but it also has a number of main roads running through it, so my plans of going somewhere where I wouldn’t be able to hear traffic or see buildings was scuppered a bit. A friend and I are planning on going to Epping Forest soon in the hopes of feeling like we’re in the middle of nowhere.

In other news, I’ve been told via Skype that the sow at home is pregnant once again, and hopefully due to drop in about three weeks. I’m home for a week in November so I’m hoping to post an incessant amount of piglet pictures again. But for now I’m off out to make the most of being in London. Who knows where I’ll be after Christmas…

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One thought on “A sunny day in Richmond Park

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