Last of the sun-drenched days

Three signs that I have settled into London life:
1. I haven’t needed to look at a Tube map in about three weeks
2. I know the difference between  £5, £10 and £20 notes. The bank machines rarely give out £50 notes here so I’ve yet to see one. Also, I’m usually broke.
3. I’m now on the register of electors, and as a citizen of the Republic of Ireland am entitled to vote in all the elections here. I didn’t actively look to be put on the register but it’s updated every year here. A woman called to the front door and made us fill a form out. She was from Roscommon and we had a conversation about St Oliver Plunkett’s head. That one took a bit of explaining to Joey, my English housemate.

Three signs that I haven’t settled into London life:
1. I still have no friends. However, I have stopped wanting to beg perfect strangers in the supermarket to be my friend, so I think this is a plus. I do still pet strangers’ dogs though, this gets funny looks.
2. I still say press instead of cupboard. In fact, Joey says she understands me about 75% of the time which probably isn’t great. I’ve taught her what ‘leaba’, ‘gúna’ and ‘mála’ mean though, so we might be up to 80% now.
3. I still want to go home.

Luckily for me I’m going home for the weekend this evening!

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