Pumpkins and twins

When I tell people that I’m twin, they always want to know what it’s like. I usually give the same answer each time, that I don’t know any different. I have two older sisters as well as having a twin, so generally there’s always been someone to steal clothes and makup from as we’ve all grown up. With a twin I’ve also had someone to share my birthday with, share a room with, share homework with (i.e. steal homework from) and share secrets with. This past weekend three out of four of us sisters celebrated birthdays. We all gathered together and talked the night away with lovely people, a pinata and quite a bit of plonk.

Though we were dressed alike a fair amount, Jen and I were interested in completely different things when we were little, which was reflected in our birthday presents. I got increasingly animal-obsessed as the years went by (the many pictures of Rua are a giveaway that I’m still obsessed) so my presents were usually stuffed dogs. I could never have enough. I once even received a handmade, handpainted kennel (pride and joy!) from Santy. It was blue and white and had a window and a hinged roof. Jen’s presents were usually far more girly than mine. She had one of those fake heads with hair that you could put makeup on and do hairdos with. I had no interest at all, so at least we didn’t fight over toys. As the years have gone by we’ve drifted back into common present-ground but I’ll still rely on Jen to tell me what outfit works best for me and to do my eye makeup for me.

When I think about it, I come to the conclusion that not having a twin must be like being an only child on Christmas morning. Maybe that’s the answer I should be giving.

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