Some Christmasness

Way back in August on a sunny day in a rooftop bar in Camden, my friend Abbey turned to me and said ‘do you want to get the ferry home at Christmas, in case it snows?’  We booked the hire car, bought the ferry tickets and began to plan. Thankfully all worked out and the weather played ball, and the ferry wasn’t cancelled.

Security getting onto the ferry is a lot more chilled out than in the airport, I don’t think we were asked for photo ID. ‘Checking a bag’ was actually handing your bag to a man who puts it into a HiAce to bring to the ferry. As we waited in the ‘foot passengar holding area’ a man in the corner started singing ‘On Raglan Road’ and the giddy group of Irish twenty-somethings cracked open another can of Carlsberg. My boyfriend, father and sisters (bedecked in musical Santa hats and holding a Welcome Home banner) greeted us at the port and we headed home to start Christmas.

It’s all back to normal now, however. I’m back in London. I brought back a lovely new sewing machine with me. And though I won’t have such an epic journey and dramatic greeting on the next trip, I’m very much looking forward to my next visit home

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