My craft habit

I’ve written plenty of times here before about my crafty habit. I’ve always been happy to spend time in my own company, but obviously moving to a new city by myself means that I have more time to myself than ever before. Having a camera (and a blog to post on) has been a great excuse to get out and about on the weekends to places like Southend, Kew Gardens and Richmond Park.  I have a few more trips in mind over the next few months too.

But it’s dark in the evenings by the time I get home from work, and it’s no fun taking pictures in the dark, for the most part. I’ve set up my lovely new sewing machine in a corner of my room and have been whirring away on the start of a quilt in the evenings since. The plan for my double bed quilt is stuck on the wall and I have the beginnings of twelve squares made. I’m a happy little crafter.

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