Ramblings in picture and word

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Some more pictures from around London with Ilford XP2 in my Mini Diana, I do love this film.

So in a few weeks I finish up my current job in a lovely sheet music library, and move to another job in London. This new one will be more fast paced and will involve lots of running round London on the Tube. Just where I want to spend time during a hot and sweaty summer! But it will be exciting.

I’m currently experiencing all the joys of the NHS, and I do mean that seriously. I’ve gotten used to saving up all my health woes until I have a list and only then, when I think I’m on death’s door, do I go to a doctor. I popped into my GP here in January with a litany of unrelated complaints, and reeled them off while she looked at me like I had ten heads. At tomorrow’s hospital appointment I fully expect to get similar looks of baffled amazement as the scary man in the white coat (who is so fancy he has reverted back to Mr instead of Dr) wonders why I didn’t get this sorted years ago.

In other news, Crystal Swing are playing at the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Trafalgar Square this year. I’m too embarrassed to explain them to my colleagues. They, Dustin, Bosco and Jumbo Breakfast Roll are pretty much inexplicable.

Also, anyone have any thoughts on the slideshow thing? I’m undecided.

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2 thoughts on “Ramblings in picture and word

  1. Yes to slideshows! And no, no, no to Crystal Swing.

  2. Awesome post.

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