Lovely lambs

Apologies for the air silence recently, I flitted home for a whole week of Easter loveliness. I had a good chance to catch up with friends and family and spend more than twenty-four hours with lovely boyfriend. I came back on Tuesday night in order to sing at a concert on Wednesday but landed completely deaf after the flight! First time that’s happened me in all the to-ing and fro-ing. Sod’s law and made singing very interesting! I still feel like I’ve been standing beside a speaker in a nightclub for hours.

Up home I met nine very cute piglets and seven pet lambs. Holly the pregnant donkey is fit to burst, she’s gotten so big. Apologies in advance for the lamb pictures over the next few days, but they’re just too cute to not post!

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2 thoughts on “Lovely lambs

  1. That’s gorgeous Susan – what a dote!

  2. Suse B on said:

    Thanks me dear! They’re so soft and cuddly, if they stopped moving long enough to cuddle them.

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