The odd couple

Have I told you the story of the pig and the hen? I don’t think I have, so here goes.

One day, Hennie made her bid for freedom from the field in which she usually pecked all day, along with her freerange friends. Having employed all her cunning and wisdom, she found a small hole underneath the chickenwire fence and scrambled through, leaving her friends behind. She had a wonderful morning on the other side of the fence, scratching in new grass and fluttering about the yard. Suddenly she realised she was hungry. She wandered back to the fence separating her from her home, and realised she couldn’t get back through. Worried and peckish, she hurried down the farmyard until she passed by the pigshed. Lottie, the sow, could be heard munching loudly on fresh cabbage leaves. Hennie fluttered onto the gate and peered down. Seeing that Lottie had lots to spare, she hopped down and helped herself.

It came to evening time, and Lottie bedded down in some soft straw. Hennie curled up beside her and had a lovely warm night’s sleep. In the morning, she laid her egg, which Lottie gobbled up.They had a lovely day together, poking about in the paddock by the pigshed and reclining in the sun.

And so it went that the sow and the hen became best friends. Farmer Denis hadn’t the heart to separate them and they lived happily ever after.

p.s. And now Lottie has nine new piglets! Hennie is taking them all under her wings.

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2 thoughts on “The odd couple

  1. That. Is. Adorable. I love how random animals become really close. We had a cat that used to sit on the pony’s back in the stable and out in the field, made us happy!

  2. Suse B on said:

    Very sad that Lottie died last week, Sarah, poor sick pig. Hennie is hanging out with the piglets for now, not sure what she’ll do when the piglets all go to ‘new homes’…

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