The long walk home

I had a dream last night that it was Christmas and I was walking down the street in Drogheda with my sisters. A band was playing this song on the street, and we were walking through a farmer’s market, past my uncle and aunt’s flower stall. Everyone was wrapped up against the cold, and all the stall owners had Santa hats and elf hats on.  The whole dream was in bright colours and was basically just a giant party in my head.

Though I know the farmer’s market in Drogheda will never look like it did in my head (and it looked great!) I’m really looking forward to spending a bit more time there soon, and mostly just with some of the people that live there.

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2 thoughts on “The long walk home

  1. Ehhhh, I’ve had that song stuck in my head for the last hour or so. THIS IS WEIRD.

  2. Suse B on said:

    Oohh creepy! It is a fab song though.

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