Summer still surprises





The weather has been glorious for most of the summer, and I sat outside a café by the canal today, soaking in some heat. I’m really not one for sunbathing at all, but this year I haven’t been able to get enough! I’ve been between jobs for all of August, so it’s perfect timing really.

With all my spare time I’ve been at the sewing machine a lot, and made the quilt above for my twin, who’s hiding behind it there, Freddy the donkey looking on. It was nearly dark when I took the picture, but if I hadn’t taken it then I wouldn’t have had the chance. It’s now in Sandland along with my twin, who has gone off on an adventure for the year. I’ll miss her dreadfully but she’ll have an amazing year.

With all my spare time I’ve been training for a half-marathon, which is on 21st Sept. I was a bit concerned that my various aches and pains (especially my Achilles) would eventually stop me from training, but I’m managing to still hold it together, touch wood. Mind you, that’s as a result of a lot of foam rolling, freezing cold baths and probably not enough ‘core work’. I really should do more of that. The tiredness you feel after the first few long runs is absolutely indescribable, I finally understood what ‘overtired’ meant when talking about very small babies. The night after the 8 mile run I lay at home in my childhood bed in my parents’ house and wished that I had someone to shush me to sleep! At least I could plug in a podcast and let Stephen Fry shush me to sleep instead.

I’m in danger of this turning into a running blog whinge now. At least I don’t take pictures while I run! I imagine they wouldn’t be good. Think of me when the morning of 21st September rolls round, and if you’re in Dublin, pop around to the Phoenix Park and cheer me on. I’ll be at the very back of the pack.

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