Shirrrrrrrrring experrrrriments


When I started to make clothes, skirts seemed like the easiest things to start with. No crotches or leg lengths to worry about, no boobs and curves to have to work around. This is the second skirt I’ve made, and by far the easiest. I must make a few more for the summer!

This skirt went together unbelievably quickly. The shirring, which I was a little nervous of, was very easy and my machine coped with it no problem. The only change I made to the pattern was putting a French seam in – it looks neater and is that bit stronger for a seam that I’ll be sitting on lots.

The shirring thread goes on the bobbin quite smoothly – I know some people prefer to handwind it so it doesn’t get stretched out on the machine while winding, but I just wound it really slowly, and used my hand to decrease the tension so it didn’t stretch out.


The pattern came from Lisa Comfort of Sew Over It, via Tilly & the Buttons blog. I remember seeing an article in the Evening Standard a few years ago, when Sew Over It had just opened in Clapham North. I had just started to learn to quilt, and was using my housemate’s fairly ancient machine, which in fairness was giving me pretty good results. I used to love going up to Sew Over It on Saturdays to crack through some projects on their amazing machines, and sneaking in some cups of tea and slices of cake at the same time.

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