To do (updated)

Things to do:
1.Read all of Jane Austen’s works
Done! As of November 2011
3.Learn how to make really good mashed potato
Not perfected, but getting there! Potato ricer is the key
4.Climb up a mountain and watch the sun rise
5.Drive across the Golden Gate bridge October 2014 – ticked this one off!
6.Spot a moose in Alaska
7.See the Northern Lights
8.Learn how to swim properly, face in water and everything
9.Perfect the art of walking in really high heels
10.Live abroad, even just for six months or so
I moved to London in June 2011. There’s no place like home.
11.Finish my piano diploma
12.Have some livestock
13.Go zorbing
14.Visit Mongolia
15.Learn how to play the uileann pipes
16.Design, build and decorate my own home
17.Spend a week in the wilds of the west of Ireland with himself, walking boots, books and no technology
18.Have my own dog
19.Join another choir and sing Zadok the Priest
Done and done! And Zadok is fab.
20.Learn how to code my own website
21.Get physically fit Training for the Dublin half-marathon in September 2013, hope I can keep it up!
22.Have my mother teach me how to bake apple tarts and jam sponge
23.Make a double bed quilt
finished in July 2013. Woohoo!
24.Carry off an LBD
25.Be completely healthy for a whole twelve months.
I’ve jinxed this now, haven’t I? But no antibiotics in all of 2013. Longest stretch ever!


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